10 Fun Things to Do in Manuel Antonio

Daveed Hollander | 11th November 2016 | Share
10 Fun Things to Do in Manuel Antonio

When looking for a place to vacation, Costa Rica is ideal. Although people are familiar with the more popular destinations, some may not be aware of Manuel Antonio. According to Forbes magazine, Manuel Antonio is home to the most gorgeous national park in the world.

For your upcoming trip to Costa Rica, you definitely want to add this highly popular national park to your list of places to visit. However, there are many other options worth consideration.

10 Amazing Experiences

  1. Damas Island Mangrove Estuary – The Damas Island mangrove estuary, which is located outside of the Manual Antonio National Park, boasts a broad range of flora and fauna. The best way to enjoy the biodiversity of this area is by taking a kayaking or boat-guided tour. 

  1. Kapa Kapi – Costa Rica is a popular destination for couples and honeymooners. While there, you can have an intimate candlelight dinner at Kapi Kapi, a term used by the Maleku indigenous group as a greeting. Since this restaurant is relatively small, reservations are recommended. 

  1. Naranjo and Savegre Rivers – For rafting, the Naranjo and Savegre rivers are top destinations. If you are an adrenaline junkie who loves a good challenge, head to the Naranjo River. Although the water level is too low during the summer months on the lower portion, there is plenty of excitement on the upper portion known as El Chorro. Because the river snakes through small canyon openings and requires special maneuvering, it is rated a Class IV. For something on the milder side, there is always rafting on the Savegre River. Rated a Class II or Class III depending on where you go, this river is great for the entire family, including children 8 years and older.

  1. La Mansion’s “Bat Cave Bar” – For a unique experience, you want to visit the “bat cave bar” at La Mansion. What makes this place so interesting is that the hotel bar is a cave. For added fun, this bar has a small dance floor complete with disco lights.

  1. El Gran Escape – Sometimes, you need a break from all the adventure. At the El Gran Escape restaurant, you can choose fresh salad and tuna steak or something just as delicious from the menu.

  1. Playitas Private Beach – As Manuel Antonio becomes better known, the number of tourists each year climbs. To get away from the crowds, the private beach at Playitas is perfect. Nearby are several reputable hotels, such as La Mansion, Arenas del Mar, and La Mariposa. For time in the water, bring your surfboard or swim. You can even take a drive along the beach in a four-wheel-drive vehicle.

  1. Los Campesinos Reserve – Situated on the lower portion of the Savegre River, you will find the longest hanging bridge in the region. This bridge goes through a natural landscape that boasts a stunning waterfall. There are also a number of great trails to follow that will take you to natural pools of water, overlooking points with panoramic views, and the Los Chorros waterfall. A tramway is located at the very highest point in the Los Campesinos Reserve.

  1. Pescado Entero – At one time, the place to have a pescado entero on the beach was at a restaurant called Mary Sombra. After the restaurant was demolished, other nearby establishments continued the tradition of eating whole red snapper and drinking an Imperial while sitting on the sand and enjoying the sound of the waves.

  1. MASS – Have you ever wanted to learn to surf? If so, you can attend the Manuel Antonio Surf School (MASS). For years, this has been the most respected and trusted of all surf schools in the area. The school offers a unique tour that combines incredible breaks with instructions and time surfing the gorgeous water.

  1. Manuel Antonio National Park – As mentioned, a trip to the Manuel Antonio National Park is something that you do not want to miss. For an up-close and personal experience, consider a guided group tour for around $50 for a party of four. If preferred, you can hire a personal guide at the park entrance. Either way, this gives you the opportunity to really appreciate everything this national park offers.

While there are many additional things to experience on your trip to Manuel Antonio, the 10 things mentioned are guaranteed to create lifetime memories.
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