Bella Vista Estates, a Coastal Paradise Redefined, Extends a Warm Welcome to Prospective Buyers

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Bella Vista Estates, a Coastal Paradise Redefined, Extends a Warm Welcome to Prospective Buyers

Prepare to embark on a journey to an enchanting coastal paradise where the breathtaking beauty of nature merges seamlessly with modern luxury living. Welcome to Bella Vista, a unique development by Paradise Homes that redefines the concept of contemporary living with a tropical flair.


Enchanted Entrance and Panoramic Coastal Views

As you step into Bella Vista, you are greeted by an enchanting entrance adorned with a cascading waterfall, offering an unparalleled tropical experience. In this exclusive enclave, where the mountains embrace the ocean, you'll discover one of Costa Rica's rarest treasures—a panoramic coastal view that will leave you in awe.

A Microclimate of Refreshing Coolness

Situated near the Pacific Ocean, Bella Vista enjoys a microclimate characterized by refreshing tropical winds that provide daily coolness. Designed by the visionary architect Ben Morris of Paradise Homes, this masterpiece blends glass, steel, stone, and lush tropical gardens, ensuring breathtaking views from every vantage point.


Contemporary Design and Luxury Living

Crafted to harmonize with the region's natural elements, Bella Vista's contemporary design sets it apart from typical regional homes. Spanning two levels, this remarkable Residence features a primary suite, an upper-level main suite, two guest rooms with attached offices, and ample service and parking areas.


Spacious Living Areas and Year-Round Sunsets

At the heart of the home lies a spacious living room and kitchen with soaring ceilings and even a wine cellar. Bathed in captivating lighting, this space seamlessly extends to an outdoor deck around the pool, offering year-round sunsets that leave you yearning for more.


Abundant Natural Light and Panoramic Ocean Views

Abundant natural light floods through the extensive glass façade and high-end sliding glass systems. The kitchen's design balances function and practicality while offering panoramic ocean views from the island's focal point.


Seamless Design Execution and Open Views

Paradise Homes seamlessly executed the design as both builder and architect, making adjustments fluid throughout construction. The main bedroom opens to an awe-inspiring view of the vast Pacific Ocean at sunset, maintaining the home's openness.


Modern Luxury and Natural Beauty

With its minimalist aesthetic, stucco exterior palette, and high ceilings, this Residence effortlessly combines modern luxury and natural beauty. The staircase is a striking element designed to keep views open to the exterior gardens.


Year-Round Entertainment and Captivating Landscape

Designed for year-round entertainment, the outdoor sitting and BBQ area invites gatherings with family and friends. Paradise Homes embarked on this architectural journey with a cinematic perspective, creating a home that blends seamlessly with the captivating Costa Rican landscape.


Bella Vista: A Masterpiece of Luxury Living

At Bella Vista, every moment is a masterpiece, and every view is a work of art. It stands as a testament to the harmonious fusion of contemporary architecture, natural beauty, and the tropical paradise that is Costa Rica. Contact us or visit to learn more about this listing.

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