Casa Sulit: A Jungle Retreat Redefining Luxury Living

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Casa Sulit: A Jungle Retreat Redefining Luxury Living

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Embody luxury living in Costa Rica with a jungle retreat blending opulence and untamed beauty. Immerse yourself in panoramic ocean views and open-air living where every moment is a celebration of surpassing expectations.

Welcome to Casa Sulit, a haven of unparalleled luxury perched atop the breathtaking landscapes of San Martin, Costa Rica. This extraordinary jungle retreat invites you to slip into the cool embrace of an infinity pool, immersing yourself in tranquility while marveling at the untamed jungle stretching towards the glistening Pacific Ocean.


A Symphony of Nature's Raw Magnificence

As the sun sets, the sky transforms into vibrant hues, setting the stage for nature's raw magnificence. The symphony of gentle waves and melodies of tropical birds serenade your senses, creating a haven of serenity. Casa Sulit seamlessly blends secluded living with convenient access to the local town, offering an extraordinary lifestyle immersed in the beauty of Costa Rica.


Panoramic Views from Every Corner

This exquisite residence ensures that you are always connected to the mesmerizing allure of the Pacific Ocean. Every room boasts stunning panoramic views, erasing interior and exterior living boundaries. The main bedroom suite indulges your senses with an open-air bathroom, allowing you to savor the view without tearing your gaze away.


Bedrooms that Embrace Nature's Beauty

The additional bedroom suites capitalize on the awe-inspiring ocean vistas. Imagine waking up to the majestic ocean unfolding before your eyes. Each suite features an outdoor shower and double vanity adorned with polished stone sinks. Full-length sliding doors invite the healing ocean air and jungle melodies into your private sanctuary, providing a seamless connection to nature.


An Oasis of Free-Flowing Harmony

Casa Sulit is an ode to a well-lived life, offering an open living space that seamlessly merges the interior and exterior. The outdoor living area features a generous patio with an infinity pool, perfect for sun loungers, outdoor dining, and relaxation. The gourmet kitchen, complete with a walk-in pantry, is a culinary enthusiast's delight. Discover the clever utilization of space beneath the stairs—a walk-in wine cellar with a glass wall showcasing your impressive collection.


Additional Features for Ultimate Luxury

This unparalleled sanctuary offers a sun-soaked terrace beneath the infinity pool with a cascading waterfall, providing a perfect spot for hammocks and sun loungers. Ample parking, a tree-top yoga deck engulfed in the jungle, and the potential for additional development, such as a guest house, add to the allure of Casa Sulit.


Crafted by Luxury Builder Paradise Homes

Renowned luxury builder, Ben Morris of Paradise Homes, envisioned a home where jungle and ocean views took center stage. Casa Sulit, meaning surpassing expectations in Filipino, seamlessly blends indoor and outdoor living with locally sourced natural materials such as wood and stone, creating features that harmonize with the surrounding environment.


Unparalleled Seclusion and Privacy

Perched atop a mountaintop, Casa Sulit offers unparalleled seclusion. The gated entrance enhances the privacy of your sanctuary, while the land below the home is a protected wildlife corridor, safeguarding against any future development.


Experience the Wonder of Costa Rica

Contact us or visit today to immerse yourself in the epitome of Costa Rica's wonders. Discover the unparalleled splendor of Casa Sulit, where luxury and natural beauty converge in a world of surpassing expectations. Costa Rica awaits you, promising an extraordinary lifestyle defined by luxury and tranquility.

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