Costa Rica Approves Digital Nomad Visas for Foreign Workers

Coldwell Banker Vesta Group Dominical | 1st August 2022 | Share
Costa Rica Approves Digital Nomad Visas for Foreign Workers

The government of Costa Rica has recently approved a digital nomad visa for foreign workers, allowing them to reside in the country for up to two years. President Carlos Alvarado signed the visa program into law in 2021 but encountered delays before being finalized in July 2022. The visa is available to foreign remote workers and their families and includes a one-year extension in addition to the initial year-long visa.

According to the director of marketing for the Costa Rica Tourism Board, Carolina Trejos, Costa Rica has many opportunities for digital nomads. The country's priority is to promote the benefits of the new visa program, particularly those in the United States. Trejos notes that 50% of digital nomads worldwide are from the U.S. and choose Costa Rica for its proximity, similar time zones, and good wifi connectivity,

To apply for the visa, applicants must show proof of a minimum monthly income of $3,000 for individuals or $4,000 for families and health insurance coverage for their stay in Costa Rica. Those on the digital nomad visa are not permitted to work for Costa Rican companies but are exempt from paying income tax on any income earned outside the country. The application must be completed in Spanish, and local authorities have up to two weeks to review and approve or deny the application.

The digital nomad visa offers the opportunity to live and work in a beautiful country with ample opportunities for digital nomads, but there are many factors to consider before applying. If you are interested in relocating to Costa Rica as a digital nomad, contact me for more information on the requirements and how to apply.

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