Discover Paradise: Embracing Sustainable Luxury in Costa Rica's Blue Zone Haven

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Discover Paradise: Embracing Sustainable Luxury in Costa Rica's Blue Zone Haven

Step into Tranquility: Awe-Inspiring 148-Acre Estate

Embark on a journey into the enchanting embrace of an extraordinary 148-acre estate in the heart of Costa Rica's legendary Blue Zone. Discover the perfect fusion of tranquility and luxury within the haven of Nandayure, just moments away from the picturesque mountain village of Los Angeles and perched along the Pacific Coast near the idyllic beach town of Coyote.


Elevate Your Senses: Breathtaking 360-Degree Panoramas

As you explore this sprawling sanctuary, be prepared to have your senses and aspirations elevated. The estate graciously extends along an ocean-view ridge, unveiling breathtaking 360-degree panoramas. From the lush back mountain valley to the contours of the entire North Pacific coastline, every glance offers a feast for the eyes.


Majestic Main House: Opulence with Ocean Views

The majestic main house is at the pinnacle of this vista-rich paradise – an opulent 3-bedroom abode with an adjoining office. Lose yourself in luxury at the infinity-edge swimming pool, a splendid oasis that beckons you to unwind. Boasting approximately 3,700 square feet of pure indulgence, the main house is adorned with exquisite finishes that speak to the discerning connoisseur.


Charming Guest House: Mesmerizing Views and Beyond

Descend from this aerie to encounter the lovely guest house, offering two bedrooms and an open deck that unfurls to reveal mesmerizing views stretching to the horizon and beyond.


Journey Through Diversity: Private Drive and Lush Plantations

To reach these havens, embark on a private drive winding through diverse plantations. Citrus orchards, flourishing coffee crops, and a medley of fruit trees regale your senses with their lush bounty.


Nature's Masterstroke: A Bounty of Possibilities

But the allure doesn't end there. The land is a masterpiece of nature's design, with gently sloping topography and a regal high ridge ushering in unparalleled 360-degree views of the Pacific coastline and distant mountain range. This land is an artist's canvas, a testament to nature's luxury, and a treasure trove of possibilities.


Cultivating Community: A Sustainable Vision

Imagine cultivating a boutique community where the land's fertility and microclimate create ideal conditions for a bounty of crops and gardens – a like-minded organic food-sharing community.

Perfect Climate: A Cradle for Abundant Gardens

As for the climate, it's nothing short of perfect – cool, comfortable days that kiss the soil with fertility, creating a cradle for lush vegetation.


Beyond the Typical Retreat: Immersion into Culture and Traditions

This location transcends the typical beachside retreat. It's an immersion into the rich tapestry of local culture and traditions, a place for those who relish the journey off the beaten path.


Realm of Serenity and Authenticity: Creating a Legacy

It's a realm of serenity and authenticity where each day unfolds with the promise of discoveries. Here, you can create a community with a vision of sustainability and abundant harvests – cultivating a legacy of natural beauty and wholesome living.


Discover Sustainable Luxury: Costa Rica's Blue Zone Awaits

Discover a paradise where luxury and sustainability harmoniously coexist, inviting you to embrace the richness of life in Costa Rica's Blue Zone. Contact us or visit the listing page to learn more. Visit to view more stunning listings throughout Costa Rica.

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