Hilton Brand Will Debut Costa Rica Rainforest Resort in 2018

James Drews | 28th December 2016 | Share
Hilton Brand Will Debut Costa Rica Rainforest Resort in 2018

Curio, which is a collection by the Hilton brand, recently announced plans for the Botanika Osa Peninsula resort in Costa Rica. Scheduled to open in 2018, Sinergo Development Group is spearheading the development of this rainforest resort.

The location of the future resort has everyone excited. The Botanika Osa Peninsula resort is being developed not too far from Golfo Dulce, home to one of the few tropical fjords in the entire world. Situated on the Osa Peninsula, this fjord accounts for roughly 2.5 percent of the world’s biodiversity.

In a statement released by Juan Corvinos, the managing director of development for Hilton in regions like Central America, Mexico, and the Hispanic Caribbean, this resort will be a one-of-a-kind masterpiece that accommodates the guests’ desire to discover the premier Osa Peninsula region.

Everyone working on the project is ecstatic and eager to welcome the Botanika Osa Peninsula to Curio. With the launch of this resort, Hilton will introduce to the world one of the most exclusive of all Costa Rica resorts as part of its fast-expanding collection brand.

The Botanika Osa Peninsula resort is being developed at the same location where the former eco-friendly Crocodile Bay Resort once stood. That resort was known for its outstanding sport fishing.

Cory Williams, managing member of Botanika Osa Peninsula, Curio, stated that guests of the resort will have a unique opportunity to enjoy a magical experience. This remarkable resort will serve as the gateway for providing guests with a deeper and more personal experience with the Costa Rica rainforest, something unavailable anywhere else around the globe.

Because of the unique combination of its spectacular rainforest location, its elegant and luxurious residences, and a strong partnership with Hilton, everyone agrees that the Botanika Osa Peninsula resort will become legendary.
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