Plaza Bahia Moana: A Tropical Oasis and Smart Investment in Costa Rica

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Plaza Bahia Moana: A Tropical Oasis and Smart Investment in Costa Rica

Discover Plaza Bahia Moana, a premier investment opportunity in Uvita, Costa Rica, strategically positioned to tap into the flourishing tourism and residential markets. With a unique fusion of commercial and residential elements, government support, and a focus on retirees' lifestyles, Plaza Bahia Moana offers a rare blend of financial prospects, serene living, and commercial vibrancy in one of Costa Rica's most promising locations.


Plaza Bahia Moana, located in the vibrant town of Uvita, Puntarenas, transcends its identity as a mere property to become a gateway into the flourishing markets of Costa Rica's tourism and residential sectors. Situated in the heart of Uvita, this investment opportunity is distinctive, offering a strategic foothold in a region undergoing sustained and robust growth. The development is tailored to cater to the burgeoning demands of both commercial and residential spaces, positioning itself to capitalize on the increasing influx of tourists and second-home buyers attracted to the charm of this evolving destination.

As a hub for economic activity, Plaza Bahia Moana stands as a testament to the thoughtful planning that has gone into creating a space that seamlessly integrates with the dynamic environment of Uvita. Its design anticipates the evolving needs of businesses seeking prime commercial locations and recognizes the region's appeal to individuals seeking a unique residential experience. This fusion of commercial and residential elements makes Plaza Bahia Moana a compelling investment opportunity, offering a multifaceted approach to tapping into the lucrative markets driving the economic pulse of Costa Rica's flourishing landscape.


Location Advantage:

Uvita, situated near Manuel Antonio, is a Costa Rica premier tourist destination experiencing a notable growth surge, transforming into a promising investment hub. The area's rising popularity, driven by its natural beauty and proximity to tourist attractions, has positioned Uvita as a prime location for individuals seeking investment opportunities. Among the noteworthy developments in the region is Plaza Bahia Moana, which is a beneficiary of substantial government investments. This strategic support enhances the appeal of Plaza Bahia Moana, making it an optimal choice for those looking to establish a foothold in Costa Rica's vibrant and flourishing real estate market.

The government's commitment to investing in the infrastructure and amenities of the Uvita region underscores its recognition of the area's economic potential. As a result, Plaza Bahia Moana not only capitalizes on the natural allure of the surroundings but also benefits from the broader vision for sustainable growth and development. Investors eyeing opportunities in Costa Rica can find Plaza Bahia Moana a compelling investment prospect, aligning with the broader trend of economic expansion in this dynamic and thriving corner of the country.


A Lifestyle Choice for Retirees:

Plaza Bahia Moana goes beyond the conventional notion of a mere investment, presenting itself as a profound lifestyle choice, particularly enticing retirees. The allure lies in more than just financial considerations; it encompasses an all-inclusive experience shaped by the serene surroundings, lively local community, and convenient access to healthcare and essential amenities. This unique combination transforms Plaza Bahia Moana into an idyllic retirement haven, offering retirees tranquility and fulfillment.

Plaza Bahia Moana allows retirees to relish the golden years with utmost comfort and privacy. The property comprises four luxurious apartments designed to provide a sanctuary for relaxation and enjoyment. Beyond personal indulgence, retirees can lease out the remaining spaces, creating a source of income and ensuring financial security. This dual benefit of enjoying the comforts of a luxurious residence while strategically managing the property's assets adds an extra layer of assurance and peace of mind to the retirement experience at Plaza Bahia Moana.


Commercial Appeal:

At the heart of Plaza Bahia Moana's allure is a meticulously designed commercial building that is a testament to thoughtful planning and architectural ingenuity. This integral part of the development houses diverse properties carefully crafted to exude its unique appeal. Among these offerings, the crown jewel is an expansive restaurant occupying over 100 square meters—an establishment in high demand that commands top rental prices. The restaurant adds a touch of culinary sophistication to the plaza and serves as a focal point for those seeking a vibrant and dynamic commercial experience.

Plaza Bahia Moana reaches past being a residential haven; it emerges as a hub that caters to the diverse needs of tourists and locals alike. The commercial building's strategic design and mix of properties create an environment where businesses thrive, contributing to the overall vibrancy of the plaza. With a keen understanding of the local market, Plaza Bahia Moana ensures that its commercial spaces meet the demands of a dynamic consumer base. As a result, the development fosters a lively and engaging atmosphere, making it not just a place to reside but a destination where commerce and community seamlessly converge.


Residential Charm:

Plaza Bahia Moana introduces a range of charming apartments, with a standout example being the 40m² Apartment A4, tailored for short-term rentals on platforms like Airbnb. These apartments perfectly blend contemporary design and strategic positioning within the development. Apartment A4, in particular, stands as a testament to Plaza Bahia Moana's commitment to offering accommodation solutions that cater to the varied needs of visitors. These apartments' modern aesthetics and thoughtful layout create an inviting and comfortable environment, making them an ideal choice for short-term and extended stays.

These strategically located apartments play a pivotal role in contributing to Plaza Bahia Moana's impressive rental fill ratios. The convenience of short-term rentals on platforms like Airbnb attracts tourists seeking a temporary retreat and appeals to individuals looking for a more extended stay. The versatility of Plaza Bahia Moana's offerings ensures that it remains a sought-after destination for residents and visitors, contributing to a dynamic and bustling community within the development.


Investment Highlights:

  1. Future Projection: I anticipate an average annual value increase of 5%, potentially valuing the property significantly higher in 10 years.
  2. Location Advantage: Proximity to Costa Rica's top tourist destination and ongoing regional development.
  3. Diverse Revenue Streams: The mix of commercial and residential rental opportunities ensures a balanced income for retirees seeking financial stability.



Plaza Bahia Moana is a rare gem that blends commercial viability with residential charm in one of the most sought-after locations in Costa Rica. With immediate rental income and significant long-term value appreciation, this investment opportunity is ideal for discerning investors looking to make their mark in the thriving real estate market of Uvita. Take the chance to be part of the tropical oasis that is Plaza Bahia Moana. Contact us to learn more. For more stunning Costa Rica homes, visit

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