Police and Osa Authorities in Costa Rica Fight Environmental Crimes

James Drews | 8th December 2016 | Share
Police and Osa Authorities in Costa Rica Fight Environmental Crimes

Tired of crimes being committed against the beautiful environment of Costa Rica, local police and environmental authorities of Osa are taking action by forming a united front.

The Costa Rica National Area Conservation System is comprised of different branches, one being the Osa Conservation Area. Osa plays a critical role in protecting the Costa Rica’s environment. With increasing environmental crime, officials are organizing special operations. Backing this effort is the Ministry of Public Security and the Program of Control and Protection.

Recently, workers from the Osa Conservation Area met with the Frontier Police and roughly 20 members of the police force to go over concerns pertaining to environmental crime. These discussions covered methods of protecting and controlling the environment in a more effective and efficient manner. The group also recognized that a special environmental police force was needed.

From the discussions, it was evident that protected areas need better protection. Although the group focused on two specific areas, the Corcovado National Park and the Sierpe Westland, there are many others. Both of these areas are at serious risk for criminal activity, which is why organizing a commission is so imperative.

To bolster protection activities for all protected areas, this initiative will bring resources together. This group will plan and execute operations that control various legal activities for both land and sea in their effort to fight environmental crime. The group also plans to prevent various activities like illegal logging, the extraction of gold, destruction of wetlands, and even the smuggling of the country’s flora and fauna.

For next year, the objective is to complete 36 operations. These operations will involve more than 100 officials from the Police Force and 50 officials associated with the Osa Conservation Area. The exact implementation will depend on the number of available resources specific to both dependencies’ budget, the required number of human resources, and even logistics.

Until operations are formed and carried out in 2017, the commission will continue working to get the needed support from the Osa Conservation Area. In addition, the commission is asking for help from the new commission of environmental security, recently formed by Environment Minister Edgar Gutierrez. The new commission handles various offenses against the environment, such as those carried out by organized crime.
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