The Evolution of Quepos

James Drews | 10th November 2016 | Share
The Evolution of Quepos

Quepos has always been considered a small, quiet fishing village. However, in the past several years, this sleepy town has come alive thanks to the development of the Pez Vela Marina. For a long time, Los Suenos, located in Playa Herradura, was the only marina in Costa Rica. Although there were discussions about Playa Flamingo, located in the region of Guanacaste, nothing ever came of it. Then, to everyone’s surprise, it was announced that Quepos would be getting a new marina.

Facing Challenges

Especially in Costa Rica, developing a marina requires a great deal of knowledge and work. For one thing, residents and government officials tend to be suspicious of change. The primary concern is that the environment will be negatively impacted. Locals are also suspicious that a new marina will completely change the community by pushing out locals and bringing in “gringos.” If this were to happen, locals would have a hard time earning a living.

Even so, with the tourist industry on the rise in Costa Rica, it was only a matter of time before an exclusive marina would be developed. After all, a new marina allows the rich and famous the opportunity to sail yachts into the port of Costa Rica. As a result, the Marina Pez Vela was developed. Although growth was initially slow, things have started to ramp up. Today, expansion is also underway to accommodate growing need.

A Bright Future

When the marina was first being developed, few people were impressed. However, now that Quepos boasts various hostels and hotels, restaurants, bars, nightclubs, boutiques, and other venues that accommodate tourists, the area is amazing. Even the number of luxury yachts docked at the marina has increased. Everything has come to life, buzzing with activity and excitement.

When talking to long-time residents and business owners from Quepos, they agree that while positive change has been seen, there is much more to come. Unfortunately, the majority of tourists skip past Quepos, heading instead directly to Manuel Antonio, with its gorgeous national park, pristine beaches, ultra-modern restaurants, bars, luxurious hotels, and shops. However, because Quepos now offers tourists a greater variety and more high-end accommodations than ever before, this town is starting to get a lot of attention.

Instead of Quepos being a little fishing village, the fully completed Marina Pez Vela will certainly put this town on the map. As such, people will have the opportunity to visit Quepos before heading on to Manuel Antonio. It is predicted that at some point, Quepos and Manuel Antonio will be in the same league.
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