Window Treatments with Pet-Friendly Qualities

Daveed Hollander | 10th May 2017 | Share
Window Treatments with Pet-Friendly Qualities

If you love and own animals, as many people in Costa Rica do, and you want some type of treatments on the various windows in your home, you should consider those with pet-friendly qualities. Regardless of whether you prefer shades, blinds, drapes, or shutters, the goal is to choose treatments that will actually protect your beloved pets.

Especially when adopting a puppy or kitten, it is common for the animal to experience some degree of uncertainty when first arriving in a home. When coupling that with the animal still being young, you can expect some damage. Unfortunately, puppies are notorious for chewing on furniture legs and digging at upholstery, while kittens tend to make marks on furniture with their claws. The good news is that there are things that you can do to protect your furniture and flooring – but what about the window treatments?

The fact is that window treatments usually get the brunt of the hyperactivity associated with puppies and kittens, so making the right choice is essential. The last thing that you want to happen is for your new furry friend to swallow a broken-off piece of wood shutter, get cut from a bent aluminum shade, or become entangled in a hanging cord. Obviously, animal training and a lot of patience are required, but so are the right window treatments.

Fabric Curtains

Kittens, as well as adult cats, love to climb, so if you have any low-lying fabric curtains covering a window, you can expect feline acrobatics. Some people choose to have their cats declawed to prevent this type of behavior but if this is not something that you want for your pet, then swap out the longer curtains with a valance. Although a valance would allow you to create character in a room by choosing the right color or design, it would not offer much privacy. To remedy that, you can use a valance along with privacy blinds or high-quality shades.

Strong and Durable Shutters and Blinds

As mentioned, if you decide to go with blinds or shutters, make sure they are outstanding quality. Today, there are a number of excellent brands known for their strong and durable products. Not only will these shutters and blinds allow you to control the amount of light that comes into the room and give you the needed privacy; they will also be safe for your pet. Whichever option you choose, always go with a cordless product. The reason is that cords, which might look innocent enough, can become tangled in a pet’s collar or around their neck, waist, or paw, causing serious damage and even death.

Among the different options, plantation shutters typically work best. In addition to being the perfect style for a home in Costa Rica, they are designed to withstand a great deal of use and abuse. Plantation shutters also attach to the frame of the window, which limits the animal’s amount of access. For a chewer, consider thicker plantation shutters, as these hold up quite well. Treatments for patio doors are somewhat more difficult. Usually, people go with vertical blinds, but just as with other blinds for the home, always choose a cordless product purchase the best quality that you can afford.

Training and Pet Deterrents

Good training for your new pet is always a priority. If you have the time and expertise to properly train your dog or cat, great, but if not, it would in your best interest to hire a professional trainer. Reputable trainers go beyond teaching animals basic commands in that they actually use methods that teach pets to stay away from windows.

Although training works incredibly well, remember that, after being away from the home for hours working or attending school, most dogs and cats become bored. Therefore, you need to provide plenty of toys and perhaps consider a second pet as a companion. Specific to dogs, you can also place doggie gates in doorways to block off rooms that you do not want your dog to enter.
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