Working Cattle Farm on the Peñas Blancas River in Perez Zeledon

Perez Zeledon, Puntarenas
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Location: Perez Zeledon, Costa Rica
Beautiful farm designed and developed for the production of livestock for fattening. With a flat topography and a regular shape, it has been built in a functional way, taking advantage of all areas. Access is by paved road as you enter through a part of a public gravel road and then continue through a gravel right-of-way as well. All access is in very good condition, there is no problem with car entry.

The farm has an access control by means of an iron gate that takes us directly to the cattle weighing and maintenance pen, in addition to being the pen where the animals are loaded with the appropriate weight to be delivered to the clients.

In this first zone there is a house for the farm laborer, a winery, an artisanal well and an area of ​​fruit trees, bananas, papayas, chayotes, yucas and much more.

Next to the corral there is a cement and metal structure with a zinc roof that is used to store grass, concentrated feed, honey and other components of the animal diet. The organic fertilizer used on the farm itself is also prepared here and is maintained with the animal manure.

This process of producing organic fertilizer has not been developed yet, but it is known to be highly profitable, in addition to the fact that the raw material is within the farm itself.

The farm is delimited on the front boundary by a barbed wire fence that goes from the western creek to the eastern river. In the east the boundary is the San Ignacio River (Peñas Blancas) and in the west the boundary is the Quebrada Agua Buena. The farm has a very good supply of natural water. In fact, there is an artisanal well about 7 meters deep that supplies much of the water required for daily work.

The southern boundary is also delimited by a barbed wire fence. Here the farm adjoins other neighboring farms.

The farm has been divided into apartments for different crops. Short grass of the Cuba 22 variety is planted, there is an area dedicated to planting corn or sugar cane, other areas have been established for the cultivation of a plant called Button de Oro, which provides very good nutrients to the diet of the cattle. These lands are very fertile and well cared for.

All cutting, whether of grass, sugar cane or corn, is done mechanized. On the farm there is equipment and machinery to do it: tractor, dump truck, lawnmower and other plants, and a cart to carry the cane or the Buttercup.

From the corral there is a path delimited by electrified fences that leads to additional infrastructure where the food is distributed to the animals. This work is carried out with a tractor that pulls a piece of equipment called a Mixer, which is where all the food in the animals' diet is stirred (mixed) for its mechanized distribution.

For the summer season there is a diesel pump that is installed in the river and with a series of hoses the water is supplied in the areas that require it.

Below is a detailed inventory of equipment and machinery sold with the farm:

-Tractor with shovel in front
-Vehicle Nissan Frontier 2 doors model 2009
-Dump cart
-Haul cart
-Automated lawn mower
-Manual grass chopper
-Food mixer and distributor
-Diesel dispenser tank
-Honey container tanks
-Water container tanks
-Food container tanks
-Manual and motor back pumps
-Roman installed in the corral to control the weight of the animals
-Pipes, wing nuts and diesel pump for irrigation in the dry season
-Craft well
-Corral, infrastructure for the deposit of the raw material of the food, infrastructure for the distribution of the food
-Electrified fences
-Planting of Cuba 22 grass, sugar cane, corn and buttercup
-Organic fertilizer
-House for the worker
-Warehouse and garage

Currently all the work on the farm is carried out by a laborer who knows very well all the mechanics and maintenance of the farm, as well as the care and feeding of the animals.

The house for the worker is built of cement and has a bedroom, living room and kitchen, laundry room, bathroom and toilet.

Electric service is available on the farm but not drinking water, but it can be installed with the help of the ASADA of Peñas Blancas, you only have to assume the cost of the installation.

Important references from this location

-1.5 km to the exit of the main road of Peñas Blancas
-The Catholic Church, the school and the sports square are located 2 km away.
-The Peñas Blancas shopping center is 1.6 km away.
-The EBAIS of Palmares is located 4.8 km
-The Center of Palmares is located 5.2 km
-The Palmares National Bank Agency is 5.7 km away, in front of the South Inter-American Highway
-The Coopeagri sugar mill is located 3.8 km
-The exit to the Interamerica Highway following from the Ingenio is 6.6 Km
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