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The story goes that way back in 1833 Jose Rafael Gallegos Alvarado who was Chief of State of this region so admired Greek culture that he decided that when a new town was to be founded it should be named after Athens There s actually no proof that this is the case but it s a popular legend and generally accepted by the inhabitants Real estate in Atenas Costa Rica doesn t resemble Greece in the slightest the town is surrounded by hills on which are coffee plantations and fruit orchards The town has a central plaza with trees in which green parrots and even toucans make their home It s been described as a blue collar town as agriculture is the town s mainstay with tourism a close second

Real Estate in Atenas Costa Rica

Take a look at a map of Costa Rica and you ll get an idea of just how small the country is It s about the size of West Virginia It would take no time at all to get anywhere except most of the roads are mountainous and the mountain tops can become foggy at different times of the day or night Atenas Costa Rica properties appeal to those who like to live near a big city so they can take advantage of its benefits an airport from which they can take wing to visit the more remote parts of the country with none of the big city flaws like congestion or air pollution or crime Atenas is also only about an hour s drive west to the Pacific coast and such popular beaches as Playa Tivives and Playa Tarcoles The eighteen square mile Carara National Park is located on this coast as well

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Alajuela / Atenas
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Alajuela / Atenas
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Alajuela / Atenas
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