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The country of Costa Rica has a long history Like most countries in Central America the region that eventually became Costa Rica was visited by Spaniards in the 15th century and many villages were founded that grew into cities complete with colonial architecture Costa Rica is prone to earthquakes and many of these colonial buildings in Cartago were damaged Some have been restored but today Cartago looks like any other modern city albeit a modern city which grew around a central marketplace where thousands of people go to shop on the Tuesday and Thursday market days Homes for sale in Cartago Costa Rica can be found in a wide variety of neighborhoods within the city Students flock to Cartago from around Costa Rica to attend the Costa Rica Institute of Technology which is one of the premiere engineering schools in Central America

Homes for Sale in Cartago Costa Rica

Cartago capital of the province of the same name is located some 18 miles southeast of San Jos which is the capital of the country At one point in the 1800s it was Cartago that held that honor but in 1823 political differences caused the capital to shift to San Jos But of course the citizens of Cartago are still proud that at one point they held that honor There are several churches in Cartago of course and Cartago homes can be found near most of them The most famous church is the Basilica of Our Lady of the Angels Basilica de Nuestra Se ora de los Angeles which was first built in 1639 although it has undergone a few restorations since then In August thousands of pilgrims come to Cartago to worship at this Basiica

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