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Tourists who want to see a lake with green water typically come to the city of Cartago for they know that very nearby is the volcano Iraz which has just such a lake Iraz is a very large volcano which has five craters The largest one is called Iraz crater and the green lake is located in Diego de la Haya crater The green color is not due to algae but due to the types of volcanic gases released from the interior of the volcano Occasionally the water will be red pink or grey Volcano enthusiasts come from all over the world to visit this volcano as well as the nearby Turrialba volcano and for this reason hotels for sale in Cartago Costa Rica are an excellent investment The city also gets plenty of visitors from people scoping out the engineering school in Cartago the Costa Rica Institute of Technology

Hotels for Sale in Cartago Costa Rica

There are several active volcanoes in Costa Rica Iraz has not erupted since 1994 and Arena has not erupted since 2010 which is actually unusual since prior to that time it had erupted every single day for over 40 years but a couple of the others have erupted as late as 2012 For this reason a resort for sale in Cartago will always be popular with investors who know that volcano enthusiasts will always be coming to this area to see the famous volcanoes The volcano is located within a national park as are all of Costa Rica s volcanoes and while there is not a wide variety of animal life here there are still quite a lot of species to see In addition to the mammals hummingbirds are often seen here in particular the Fiery throated Hummingbird

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