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Costa Rica is a beautiful country and most of the cities in the country are situated within verdant greenery Cartago is no exception no matter where you live in the city you can look up and see the green foothills of Iraz volcano not to mention Iraz itself Cartago is at a high elevation which means the weather is always relatively cool and many people prefer to live here in Cartago and commute to San Jos for their employment just for that very reason People can drive across the mountains to San Jose in about twenty minutes One reason why rentals in Cartago Costa Rica are so much in demand is because they are needed by students at the Costa Rica Institute of Technology the most prestigious engineering school in all of Central America

Rentals in Cartago Costa Rica

Costa Rica is one of the most prosperous and stable countries in Central America and it has achieved this stability because the government concentrated on building the tourist infrastructure starting in the 1970s As with practically any country tourism brings in much needed income Cartago province also has prosperous coffee plantations and is an important technology hub Many businesses are symbiotic with the tourist industry for example the surrounding coffee plantations and microbreweries offer tours of their facilities which are quite popular with tourists as well as local inhabitants of course Cartago rentals are therefore in demand by tourists who wish to live in an apartment or condominium for a few weeks while they take in the city and its surroundings or by people who simply wish to live in the city and attend the Costa Rica Institute of Technology for example

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