Guanacaste Costa Rica Lots for Sale

Costa Rica is a small narrow country on the Central American isthmus situated between the countries of Nicaragua to the north and Panama to the south It shares its west coast with the Pacific Ocean and its east coast with the Caribbean Sea In its small space Costa Rica has one of the most bio diverse countries in the word with dry tropical forests wet tropical forests and cloud forests home to hundreds of different animal and bird species Whether you go to the west or east coasts you ll see some beautiful scenery as well not to mention places to surf to scuba to turtle and whale watch or just lie on a beach Lots for sale in Guanacaste Costa Rica can be inland in one of a dozen small towns that populate the region or in Liberia the capital of the province and home of its international airport or located on the coast

Lots for Sale in Guanacaste Costa Rica

Liberia is the largest city in the province of Guanacaste and its capital as well It is the gateway to the Pacific coast and most people who want to visit the region fly in here rather than flying into San Jos and then driving up via the Pan American Highway Guanacaste lots are zoned either residential or commercial and investment groups purchase either kind assured that with a good economy their investments will always pay off in the long run There are so many lovely beaches that attract tourists and Costa Ricans are very intent on protecting their natural resources and ensuring that animal bird life and their ecosystems will be protected for a long time to come

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