Guanacaste Costa Rica Villas

The Nicoya Peninsula located on the northwestern edge of Guanacaste province and of Costa Rica itself is dotted from north to south with beautiful beaches There are over a dozen of them Some of the beaches are secluded of course and therefore quite restful while others have easier access and can be dotted with people relaxing and watching the sailboats out in the water or even more exciting surfers coming in to shore The villas in Guanacaste Costa Rica are to be found in the resort towns that have sprung up behind most of the beaches although there s plenty of greenery to ensure that the ambience of the beaches is not harmed

Villas in Guanacaste Costa Rica

People who plan a visit to Guanacaste or indeed anywhere in Costa Rica should ideally schedule at least two weeks because there is that much to see and do here People interested in water sports can swim scuba dive or snorkel and there s kayaking as well Deep sea fishing is also offered in some regions Guanacaste villas feature the latest in luxurious accommodations for the discriminating traveler but since Costa Rica is working hard to be a carbon neutral country by 2025 you can be sure that the tourism here also helps to protect the wildlife and the biosphere Costa Rica s national and local governments are working hard to ensure that Costa Rica s unique attractions remain pristine for years to come

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