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What is the attraction of an active volcano Perhaps it is the idea of so much power and danger harnessed within a beautiful mountain Costa Rica has several active volcanoes and tourists come from all over the world to walk up to the summits where possible and gaze into the craters below In the northwest part of the country around Liberia there are three active volcanoes Rincon de la Vieja and the adjacent Santa Maria volcano and Tenorio Miravalles Volcano near Tenorio is less touristy but the geothermal heat it produces generates electricity for the region No one ever tires of going to see volcanoes and since Liberia is the gateway hotels for sale in Liberia Costa Rica are looked upon as excellent investments Of course there is more to see in these national parks than the volcanoes they are all surrounded by forests which are home to many exotic species of animals and birds

Hotels for Sale in Liberia Costa Rica

We ve talked about volcanoes what else is there to see and do around the city of Liberia Well there s plenty Liberia is surrounded by cattle ranches which are worked on by cowboys or rather vaqueros and the city is known as a cowboy town Rodeos are held frequently and are very popular But there are more reasons for an investment group to purchase a resort for sale in Liberia Liberia is the gateway to the gold coast of Costa Rica the northwest coast with dozens of beautiful beaches washed by the water of the Pacific Ocean Tourists who fly into this airport will make Liberia their base to visit the volcanoes and then head off to the coasts to catch some waves

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