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Costa Rica is described in the guidebooks as one of the most popular eco tourism and adventure tourism destinations in Central America Costa Rica is home to more biodiversity than all of the United States and Europe That makes for some memorable journeys both for tourists who visit and people who live there and explore the country Costa Ricans who refer to themselves as Ticos love their country and their way of life That s why many you ng people from around the world come as students to the National University of Costa Rica situated in the centrally located city of Heredia Access to Heredia is easy because it is only a few short kilometers northwest of the capital of the country and its international airport For that reason hotels for sale in Heredia Costa Rica are certainly a great investment because tourist dollars are always coming into the city as are the dollars of people visiting the city to see if they want to emigrate there Like most of Costa Rica Heredia is a modern city although it of course embraces its 300 year history and tourists and expatriates alike will love the city and its surroundings

Hotels for Sale in Heredia Costa Rica

Decades ago Costa Rica was a rather poor country but in the last sixty years it has risen to become a country with one of the highest standards of living in Central America Part of this is due to the tourist dollars which are brought into the country by those interested in viewing the country s natural wonders But Costa Rica is also one of the key coffee producers in the world and Heredia is surrounded by many of these coffee plantations Situated in the foothills of a long dormant volcano Heredia is surrounded by greenery Heredia has a temp rate climate rather cooler than much of the country because of its high elevation and frequent rainfall From the central location of Heredia its citizens and tourists typically fly to other top tourist spots in the country as this is much faster than driving a car through winding mountainous roads A resort for sale in Heredia may be located on the outskirts of the city and situated in such a way to give its visitors the best views of the valley far below

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