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People come to Costa Rica for the spectacular scuba diving and fishing along its coasts and for the gorgeous views of the exotic birds and animals within its forested interior They stay to take advantage of the standard of living of one of the most highly developed countries in Central America One of Costa Rica s most modern cities is Heredia which can be found almost in the geographical center of the country and very close to Costa Rica s capital San Jos San Jos has over 200 000 inhabitants with traffic congestion to match whereas Heredia with only 50 000 people is much more laid back Heredia is also a city where people from all over the world come to attend the National University of Costa Rica Lots for sale in Heredia Costa Rica can be found in all areas of the city as well as the surrounding areas and people can pick and choose where they d like to live

Lots for Sale in Heredia Costa Rica

Costa Rica is much longer than it is wide and has the Pacific Ocean to its southwest and the Caribbean Sea to the northeast There s plenty of scuba diving fishing and other water sports to be had People who live in the center of the country typically fly to these adventure spots as it s a lot quicker than driving through the mountains People with Heredia lots can drive or take a bus or train quite quickly into San Jos to catch a plane to any touristy spot within the country Costa Rica has several volcano parks since it has 5 active volcanoes within its borders and hiking and mountain climbing along with other activities

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