Heredia Costa Rica Villas

A villa actually means different things to different people depending on what country they come from For example to people in North America a villa is a country estate with a house surrounded by a large courtyard In Britain on the other hand a villa is simply a detached home i e not one that is attached to another home like a townhome or a council house Villas in Heredia Costa Rica can consist of either variety and they are available either for purchase or for rental Heredia is used to an influx of tourists year round and there are several villas available for rental for a week a month or a year whatever is required These villas can be situated in the most luxurious areas of the city or high on the hills overlooking the valley below

Villas in Heredia Costa Rica

Tourists come to Costa Rica for a variety of reasons The country abounds in natural wonders It is very popular with ecotourists although having said that ecotourism is somewhat of a contradiction in terms because the more tourists come to an area the less pristine it will become over time However Costa Rica is very committed to ensuring that its biodiversity remains intact and indeed thriving for decades to come Many tourists use Heredia as a central location from which to journey outward to Costa Rica s many national volcano parks and other tourist attractions And of course many others simply come to Heredia to live attracted by its ideal location and the friendly inhabitants For this reason Heredia villas are rented several months in advance so it is important to do some advance planning to ensure that you can find just the right one for you and your family

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