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Rainfall is year round in the province of Lim n the northernmost province of Costa Rica and the one that is bordered by the Caribbean Sea This means that it is green all the time here which makes for beautiful scenery Tourists and residents simply have to be prepared to get a bit wet on occasion but it s worth it In between the rains there s plenty to do and see and when folks aren t touring around they can visit nightclubs at least in the larger cities such as Lim n capital of the province of the same name and indulge in reggae and calypso music and traditional Caribbean cuisine Real estate in Caribbean Costa Rica is like the province itself unique There are many small towns nestled in the jungles of the province and most expatriates prefer to settle in the port cities or cities very near to the coast which provide easy access to the natural wonders that exist up and down the coast

Real Estate in Caribbean Costa Rica

Unlike the rest of Costa Rica which was colonized by the Spanish this northern province was originally colonized by the British During the 1800s Africans immigrated here and found work constructing the Atlantic Railroad a railroad from Limon to San Jose which was to carry coffee beans and bananas and on the various plantations in the area Their descendants remain and give the region its distinct Afro Caribbean vibe Caribbean Costa Rica properties are sought out by individuals who love the unique flavor in this province and who also enjoy the freedom available here to go scuba diving sport fishing and even surfing Until recent times this province did not have as much infrastructure as the ret of the country but that has been rapidly changing

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