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If you take a look at a map of Costa Rica you will see that it is a narrow country but long It sits in between Nicaraugua to the north and Panama to the south and to the northeast it has a 125 mile coastline with the Caribbean Sea All of this coastline is part of the province of Lim n and the province also extends deep into the interior of the country However most people interested in finding condos for sale in Caribbean Costa Rica are interested in finding them in the cities that are situated right next to the sea such as the capital of the province Puerto Lim n Puerto Viejo de Talamanca and the small but growing town of Santa Teresa

Condos for Sale in Caribbean Costa Rica

Let us look at the port city of Puerto Lim n for example The guidebooks refer to it as a lively if shabby town and perhaps once it was but the influx of tourists to the city all of the major cruise lines stop there has encouraged the city to clean itself up and it is now a popular destination even for those folks who aren t just stopping there for a night or two on a cruise Caribbean condos owners will enjoy the night life of the city and can go on a variety of tours recently instituted for the benefit of the cruise visitors Residents of the city as well as visitors can visit banana plantations one of the key crops in the province as well as adventure parks in the surrounding rainforest

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