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The Caribbean Sea borders the entire 125 miles of the northwestern coastline of Costa Rica Along this coast you can find the Tortuguero National Park to the north just a little bit to the south of the border with Nicaragua There people enjoy turtle watching fishing and bird and bird watching Much further south almost to the border with Panama is the Cahuita National Park Just below that is the major tourist attraction of Manzanillo which offers scuba diving and snorkeling and also watching turtles as well as birds and other wildlife Thousands of tourists every year come to these locations to enjoy these activities In between these two national parks is he port city of Lim n which is also the capital of the province of the same name which makes up this entire northern region of Costa Rica which is a regular stop for several cruise lines Many folks who stop in here often times return to find homes for sale in Caribbean Costa Rica because they fall in love with the area

Homes for Sale in Caribbean Costa Rica

It takes two and a half hours to drive from Costa Rica s capital San Jose to the port city of Limon Experts believe that Limon was the first point of the American mainland seen by Christopher Columbus way back in 1502 There are about 90 000 inhabitants of Lim n most of them of African or Jamaican descent Indeed the province of Lim n is the most culturally diverse province in Costa Rica with substantial Afro Caribbean and indigenous populations Caribbean homes are available here as well as in other port cities and near the popular tourist locations Lim n has a fascinating cultural identity but as with all of Costa Rica the inhabitants are friendly and welcoming to tourist as well as expatriates Of course there are prosperous and not so prosperous regions of the city as is the case with all cities

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