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Take a look at a map of Costa Rica and you ll see that it shares its southwest coast of white beaches with the Pacific Ocean The beaches of the northwest coast bordering the Caribbean Sea are quite different These beaches have sands that are black or brown because of a different variety of rock in the region and the waters are rougher It also rains much more than on the Pacific Coast which keeps the region verdant In order to differentiate the two coasts travel planners refer to this area as the other Costa Rica In addition the beaches aren t the same as found in the rest of the Caribbean so it is has also been termed the Atlantic coast of Costa Rica There are plenty of hotels for sale in Caribbean Costa Rica however because the region is gradually becoming a prime tourist destination for people who want unique adventures that can be found only here

Hotels for Sale in Caribbean Costa Rica

Costa Rica has seven provinces The province that covers all of the Caribbean coastline is called Lim n There are several port cities on this northern coast including the province s capital Puerto Lim n Puerto Lim n has about 90 000 people and has a unique culture as indeed does the rest of the province as it has a sizeable population of Afro Caribbeans and indigenous peoples The music is different here the food is different and the types of transport one uses is different What is the same is the friendliness and acceptance of the people to the constant influx of tourists and expatriates Companies or people looking for a resort for sale in the Caribbean can find many available in Puerto Lim n and in Cahuita Further inland are such cities as Siquirres or Matina Keep in mind that Costa Rica is a relatively small country it is only a 2 and a half hour drive from the country s capital San Jos which is located practically in the center of the country Most people fly to these northern tourist destinations however

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