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People who come to Costa Rica whether it is on a vacation or if they are looking for a place to retire to find a country full of friendly and outgoing people with a stable infrastructure and cities offering all the modern conveniences they expect The smaller towns are not as sophisticated but perhaps because they are not plugged in the lifestyle there is even more relaxing Lots for sale in Caribbean Costa Rica are snapped up by people who fall in love with the country and its people and want to spend the rest of their leisure time there Costa Rica is a relatively small country and all of its natural wonders are quickly accessible by car or plane Some locations are not easy to drive to but they do have airplane service People typically fly into the international airport at San Jos and then continue their journey from their either by plane train car or bus

Lots for Sale in Caribbean Costa Rica

Costa Rica shares its northern border with Nicaragua and its southern border with Panama Its northwest border consists of the Caribbean Sea and its southeast border with the Pacific Ocean The Caribbean lots are located in towns and cities in Lim n province which is the province that borders the Caribbean and stretches deeper into the interior of the country There are a handful of towns and cities on the coast in particular two port cities and another handful of towns and cities deeper inland This region of Costa Rica is tropical it rains a great deal but that s ideal for the wildlife and the birdlife and even for the inhabitants who relish in the biodiversity of their region Costa Rica and in particular this region is home to so many natural wonders that only an inhabitant of the country has the time to visit and enjoy them all

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Limón / Puerto Limon
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