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When people come to one of the many towns and cities in the province of Lim n they expect to have a relaxing vacation Or if they are retiring there they expect to have a relaxing rest of their lives Typically they will look for villas in Caribbean Costa Rica because this is a unique part of the country with lots to see and do The infrastructure in the largest cities such as Puerto Lim n is comparable to anything you d find in San Jos San Jos has over 200 000 thousand inhabitants and Puerto Lim n has about 90 000 Some of the guidebooks have described that city as ramshackle in the past but in the last few years cruise ships have taken to stopping here before they go through the Panama Canal and the city has taken great pains to improve its infrastructure and the overall look of the city Tourist accommodations are first rate and as a result accommodations for expatriates are also first rate as well

Villas in Caribbean Costa Rica

Port cities are of necessity bustling places Well the port part of these cities are Puerto Lim n is no exception It s also one of the cities in the province of Lim n of which it is the capital that has a unique Afro Caribbean flavor This province has a large population of Afro Caribbeans whose ancestors emigrated to the country in the 1800s to work on the banana and coffee plantations and to help build the railroad that went from San Jose to Puerto Lim n to ship that produce The music the food the very atmosphere in the towns and cities in this province are very different than anywhere else in the country But the people are friendly and welcoming to tourists and expatriates alike Caribbean villas are available in all price ranges and with corresponding ranges of luxury Talk to a real estate broker today to see if visiting this region either as a tourist or preparatory to moving here is something you would enjoy

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