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The small town of Drake built up around Drake Bay and the surrounding region have only about 1 500 full time residents Of course there is a constant presence of tourists who have come here to enjoy scuba diving in the waters of the bay or whale and dolphin watching or even deep sea fishing It has only been since the late 1990s and early 2000s that electricity and telephone service have become standard here Real estate in Drake Bay Costa Rica can be purchased now at just the right time as this beautiful and isolated region is just now being discovered and developed into a center of eco tourism The Costa Rica government is taking great pains to ensure that its biodiversity which is what brings in much needed tourist dollars is not harmed by that very same tourism

Real Estate in Drake Bay Costa Rica

Take a look at the west or Pacific coast of Costa Rica and you ll see a coastline with three peninsulas Peninsula Santa Elena at the far north just below Costa Rica s border with Nicaragua Nicoya Peninsula below that home to several popular beaches and beach front resorts and Osa Peninsula at its southern tip with the small town of Drake Bay situated on the northern edge of this peninsula Drake Bay Costa Rica properties are available in wide variety from lots on which can be built private homes to already extant homes for sale to commercial properties such as hotels or even restaurants with a cuisine designed to attract the palates of the tourists who flock to this region

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Puntarenas / Drake Bay
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Puntarenas / Drake Bay
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