Drake Bay Costa Rica Map

Drake Bay is situated on the northern coast of the Osa Peninsula which stretches out into the Pacific Ocean In the late 1570s British privateer Francis Drake circumnavigated the earth in a small fleet and he anchored in the bay here which is why it is now called Drake Bay This is one of the remote regions of Costa Rica and a map of Drake Bay Costa Rica will allow you to get an idea of the scope of the country Although this can be difficult in a sense because Costa Rica is actually quite a small country and if one did not have to drive over mountainous country one could reach places in a couple of hours Many towns are best reached by plane which takes only an hour or so and one of these is Drake Bay

Map of Drake Bay Costa Rica

When you look at a map of the country of Costa Rica one designed especially for tourists for choice you ll see that the water activities on its coasts is unparalleled Turtle watching during laying season is catered to by resorts at certain beaches on both the Pacific and Mediterranean coasts As far as Drake Bay is concerned there is snorkeling and scuba diving as well as deep sea fishing A Drake Bay map will also reveal the existence of Cano Island Biological Reserve This 1 mile square island is uninhabited but dive tour boats from the mainland come out here so scuba divers can enjoy the crystal blue waters here Another popular activity is watching dolphins and whales Drake Bay Puntarenas Costa Rica google map
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