Playa Hermosa Costa Rica Map

When you re thinking of retiring to Costa Rica you ll want to learn everything about the country and every location that you are considering There are dozens of guidebooks that can tell you about the country and of course there are plenty of resources on the web Most people who want to retire here choose a small town with a laidback lifestyle but located near enough to a large town so they can hop a plane to any other destination whenever they choose By taking a look at a map of Playa Hermosa Costa Rica you ll be able to decide if this beachfront town in Guanacaste province situated in a beautiful location between mountains and with lovely views of Papagayo Peninsula across the bay is right for you

Map of Playa Hermosa Costa Rica

It s important to look at a map of a country when you are thinking about vacationing there It is doubly important when you are thinking of visiting a beach or town in one province that shares the same name as a beach or town in another province That s the case with Playa Hermosa and why a Playa Hermosa map is so important There s a Playa Hermosa in Puntarenas province near the town of Jaco which is very famous with the surfer community and draws surfers from around the world Playa Hermosa in Guanacaste is a much different town there s no surfing here as it is a much more sheltered location and the waters are much calmer and more suited to swimming snorkeling and scuba diving as well as kayaking Playa Hermosa Costa Rica google map
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