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Playa Del Coco is an international favorite for travelers and expats in search of a fun and exotic destination for relocating Coco is a premier region for investing in real estate given its close proximity to t...

Playa del Coco Costa Rica Lots for Sale

Playa del Coco has been a favorite destination for investors retirees and travelers going back more than a decade The region offers everything you need for a fun and relaxing lifestyle The region enjoys the very high quality of life with excellent healthcare facilities beaches golf courses dining and entertainment More and more visitors are coming to Coco and investing in real estate Investors have a host of options when in search of lots for sale in Playa del Coco Costa Rica Options include luxury gated communities golf communities mountain estates and jungle retreats Affordable ocean view lots are very common and beachfront lots are very accessible

Lots for Sale in Playa del Coco Costa Rica

The purchase of residential lots in Costa Rica requires an experienced broker to guide you through the important steps of evaluating the feasibility for building a home or other improvement Coldwell Banker Vesta Group is a recognized expert in residential lots having brokered countless transactions in Costa Rica including the development of proprietary residential projects The team at Vesta Group combines more than 40 years of expertise in providing customers unrivaled attention We also feature the most advanced online search tools for finding Playa del Coco lots in the best locations We can help you evaluate the right property and ensure a successful transaction and get your closer to the goal of building your dream home in paradise

102 Properties For Sale in Playas Del Coco


New Horizon, Amazing Ocean View Development

Playas Del Coco, Guanacaste
17581 Listing ID | 23475.44 Acres

Condominium Project Ready to Develop

Playas Del Coco, Guanacaste
11735 Listing ID | 36.47 Acres

Ocean View Development Project

Playas Del Coco, Guanacaste
11736 Listing ID | 19.05 Acres

Corridor Development Parcel

Playas Del Coco, Guanacaste
17586 Listing ID | 10.37 Acres

Cafe De Playa, Beachfront Hotel and Restaurant

Playas Del Coco, Guanacaste
17167 Listing ID

Commercial Corner between Coco and Hermosa

Playas Del Coco, Guanacaste
11734 Listing ID | 10.99 Acres

Ocean View Luxurious Villa Vista Magnifica #24

Playas Del Coco, Guanacaste
14416 Listing ID | 5 Bed | 5 Bath | 0.58 Acres
Sale Pending

Villa Buena Onda Luxury Retreat

Playas Del Coco, Guanacaste
14535 Listing ID | 11 Bed | 12 Bath | 6.37 Acres

Casa Cactus - Mountaintop, Ocean Views Galore!

Playas Del Coco, Guanacaste
14343 Listing ID | 7 Bed | 8 Bath | 6.61 Acres
Sale Pending

San Blas Valley View Lot

Playas Del Coco, Guanacaste
17602 Listing ID | 48 Acres

Pacifico 71 Luxury Ocean View Villa La Cima

Playas Del Coco, Guanacaste
15927 Listing ID | 4 Bed | 45 Bath | 0.46 Acres

Volcano Vistas

Playas Del Coco, Guanacaste
17723 Listing ID | 1 Bath | 48.44 Acres

OceanVista Oasis: A Modern Marvel in Coco Bay Estates

Playas Del Coco, Guanacaste
17946 Listing ID | 6 Bed | 5.5 Bath | 0.27 Acres
Sale Pending

Pacifico Lot 110 Villa Sirena

Playas Del Coco, Guanacaste
19178 Listing ID | 3 Bed | 2 Bath | 0.45 Acres

Las Palmas 6 Plex

Playas Del Coco, Guanacaste
19029 Listing ID | 12 Bed | 12 Bath

The Gym & Smoothie Shop

Playas Del Coco, Guanacaste
17608 Listing ID

La Dolce Vita Italian Restaurant

Playas Del Coco, Guanacaste
16417 Listing ID | 2 Bath | 0.05 Acres
Sale Pending

Pacifico Ocean View Home

Playas Del Coco, Guanacaste
15887 Listing ID | 4 Bed | 4 Bath | 0.21 Acres

Jewel Home - Luxury Estate in Playa Ocotal - Breathtaking Ocean Views

Playas Del Coco, Guanacaste
15068 Listing ID | 5 Bed | 6.5 Bath | 0.33 Acres

Jewel Home Ocean View Estate Playa Ocotal

Playas Del Coco, Guanacaste
15481 Listing ID | 5 Bed | 6.5 Bath | 0.33 Acres

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